A moving house check list

Moving house is quite a daunting task. Packing your life up into a few boxes can be difficult. There are certain steps you can put in place to make the moving process a little easier. Firstly:

Have a solid plan.

Everyone works using a plan, to do lists, shopping lists, all of which tend to be thrown away quickly. When you finally make up the mind to move, follow your plan and pay attention to its details. Begin by listing the anticipated move. It requires to cover every detail. It needs to include things like schools, new suppliers, date of move, etc.

Some things to consider

Allocate time for research. You will be required to do comprehensive research before moving anywhere, in the UK or abroad. How much notice do you have to give at work?

Kids & School

Do you have children? If so, you will need to find a suitable school for them in your new area. Do some pre-visit on the area and schedule moving so that your children’s education is not affected. Ring up prospective schools to arrange a visit. Some schools may have a waiting list so try and time it, so they commence the new school year at their new school. Moving can turn out to be a trying time for children of all ages. Make the transition as easy as possible by letting them know what is going on. Encourage them to become involved in the moving process. Talk to your children, listen to their worries and do what you can to alleviate their concerns.

Be sure to research local facilities for your children which will enable them to become involved in something when moving to the new area. Do your children have hobbies or interests? Make sure there are facilities (and places available) near by so your children can continue taking part in the things they enjoy.

Speak to your children’s current school, let them know that you will be moving house. They may be able to implement activities at the school which can help your children with the transition. Obtain any school records required and be sure to have documentation/certification of any qualifications which have been received.


While researching facilities for your children, have a look in the area at areas of interest for you. Moving house can provide you with the ideal opportunity to take up an old hobby or past time. You are moving to a new community, joining a club or rediscovering an old interest is the ultimate way of seeing what your new community has to offer.

Upon arrival at your new home – introduce yourself to new people! This can seem very obvious, but can also be one of the hardest things to do.


Have pets? Moving them abroad may require a visa or pet passport. Be sure to factor these into your moving budget. Your pet may also require a period of quarantine – check with borders & customs before traveling.


Is your house fully furnished? Or will you be transporting your furniture to your new place? When you have bought/chosen your new house, be sure to take measurements and compare these with your current furniture. It may be that the furniture fits but is not the right decor.

Need to get rid of your old furniture? Sites like Freecycle allow you to advertise your unwanted furniture (amongst other things). The clue is in the name, but the site stipulates that the item must be free. Although you receive no payment, the person who wants the item will come and collect it from you. This is an ultimate way of disposing of unwanted furniture that someone else will appreciate.


Do you have a job lined at your new destination? If not how will you go about getting employment? How do the companies in your new area employ people? Some companies may use recruitment software others may use recommendation as the basis for hiring. Ensure you notify your referees before leaving the area you are in. Talk to them, and notify you are leaving the area and you a new employer might be in contact with a request for a reference.


When conducting your research into your new area, check out your local doctor and dentist. Be sure to register with them as soon as possible so your medical history can be sent over. Let you current doctor know that you are relocating.

Do you need a visa where you are going? (some visas can take up to 6 months to process)

Let your suppliers know that you are moving and will no longer be doing business with them. Make sure yo cancel all your recurring expenditure like phone, electric, gas, and others so that they immediately stop charging you.

Yes, moving is stressful, and you will no doubt forget a few things but planning appropriately before you can save you unnecessary hassle at a later date. Moving house is a new experience, and it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.

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