A guide to moving home successfully

Moving home

Of the millions of people in the UK, who seek relocation each year, many people try to achieve the project success while they are not prepared enough. Consequently, they have to face a number of issues including superfluous stress and a substantially wretched experience before the van even reaches their driveway. Relocation is the fourth biggest stress after death, birth, marriage, and Divorce. Moving homes are tiresome on mental levels too, something that kills the purpose of relocation.

Moving is an expensive proposition. Here are 10 Tips to consider:

• There is no reason to wait until a week before you move, to pack your life away. Give yourself eight weeks’ timeline. Interview movers, if you have time since moving involves a lot of scams too. Do a quote for your home?

• Locate items that are not necessities. Begin packing several weeks before, pick one room and one area at a time. Don’t mix box items from different rooms even if they fit into a box.

• Zone your Positions. Use Colour tags on top of each box with a list of contents of boxes and place the same colour on the doors in the room in your new home. This way you won’t have to unbox everything at the same time to decorate one room.

• Place family photos, financial documents and other stuff in a separate box. Keep the box in your sight until it’s loaded, preferably as the last item so that it can be retrieved as the first when unloading.

• Eliminate things you don’t need, give the unnecessary things in charity. Put the Furniture first, and the boxes later, so that when you are unpacking, the boxes come out first.

• Make Small survival boxes, for necessary items. These must contain the item that is immediately required after unloading or if you plan your relocation to be spread over several days.

• For financial issues related to relocation, it is always advised to get several estimates from moving council. Get recommendations for moving from your friends or relatives as the costs of relocation depend on weight, distance and your items.

• On the date of relocation, point out special concerns to the movers regarding special items or list of inventory. Also, point out the number of stairs, lift spaces and inlets so that they could evaluate how various stuff can be better relocated.

• Be sure to ensure, professional appraisal of precious belongings. Keep Animals away during the relocation time. It is suggested to hand them over to friends during that time.

• Relocation also requires a change in postal address. A suitable time to notify the post office before moving homes is two to four weeks. This way, once you move, your posts are automatically re-directed to your new address.

On the day of the move, wear comfortable shoes and a comfortable dress. Minimize the cost of the surprises by taking care of these tips and the experience will truly be festive and relaxing.

So you don`t have to be stressed as moving your house is a simple task along these lines.

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